“Is It in the Bible?”

This is one of the major questions Catholics are faced with, with regard to our beliefs and practices.
We are usually asked,
“Where can we find Assumption of Mary in the Bible?”
Where is The Immaculate Conception in the Bible?
Is it in the Bible to pray through the Saints? etc

The next time you are asked where this or that is in the Bible, ask the person to tell you where we can find the word *”BIBLE”* in the Bible!

Just as we cannot find words like “Bible, “Trinity” etc explicitly in the Bible but believe them because of references to them, there is NO Catholic belief or practice inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible. Where we cannot find the specific words and phrases, there are surely references and basis to them in the Bible!

Borrowing from the words of Fr. Cecilia Adu-Poku, “If Catholicism is false, Christianity is false”

Be a proud Catholic!

Padre Antonio
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