Forgiveness Is Not an Option!

When it comes to forgiveness, we really don’t have a choice! Having become beneficiaries of God’s mercy and forgiveness, we cannot but forgive those who offend us!

We forgive not simply because we want to be forgiven but we do so because we have been forgiven first by God. This is what should motivate us to forgive.

Forgiveness does not only benefit the offender; it liberates the one who forgives and grants peace of mind and heart! Harbouring the wrongs done us only increases our worries and makes us sick.
God never gets tired of forgiving us. We must not get tired either!

Pray for the grace to forgive and let go because you are a Missionary of Mercy! And also that God’s continuous forgiveness may lead us to true repentance!

Padre Antonio
(WhatsApp number: +233 541 859198)

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