Is It Enough to Avoid Evil?

It is not enough not to do evil to anybody but it is evil not to do good to no one.

The rich man was not condemned simply because he was rich (but because of his insensitivity to the plight of the poor and his refusal to assist the poor Lazarus)

The poor Lazarus on the other hand was not saved simply because he was poor but because he was faithful and kept his trust in God to the end.

So do not not be scared that you are rich, so long as you acknowledge the source of your wealth as God and use it for his glory.

The same you should not be too assured of heaven simply because you think you are poor and needy, if you do not keep faith with God and obey him till the end.

In any case, many of us would identify with the poor, but are we really poor? Many times, we have given the excuse of not helping others because we are poor when in most cases, we were better of than those who needed our help!

Can we begin counting our blessings, and begin to do better?

God bless you and have a fruitful week! ????

Padre Antonio
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