Is Lent Biblical?


Good morning Father.
Please  help me with  this  clarification
Is lent biblical? Check from net if lent is biblical n how it started

Why should we set aside a time to ask for forgiveness instead of asking for forgiveness at the moment the sin is committed?


For some people, everything Catholic is evil and not biblical. I don’t spend too much time on such people because nothing you say will convince them.

Where do we find the names of the months of the year and days of the week in the Bible?

Where is it in the Bible that morning meal is called breakfast, afternoon meal lunch, and evening meal supper?

There are a thousand and one things we do as human beings or even Christians which are not in the Bible;  nevertheless, they are biblical!

You are right in saying that during Lent, we ask for the forgiveness of sins. Let me make you aware of other things we do – we pray more, we fast more, we mortify the flesh more by self denial and do more charitable works.

Let me also draw your attention to the fact that the Catholic Church has never and will never teach that it is only during Lent that we should ask for forgiveness of sins. In fact the Catholic Church encourages frequent confession. Note that I deliberately used “more” in stating what goes on during Lent. These are things we should be doing ordinarily everyday. During this period, what happens is that we intensify these activities.

Finally, we do all these during this period in preparation for the celebration of the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus  Christ!
If preparation for such a celebration is not biblical (simply because we can’t find Jesus asking us to prepare for this celebration or calling it Lent), then I don’t know what else can be biblical!

In any case, it is not for non Catholics to determine the meaning of what we do. We understand it better and know what we do, not to talk of the fact that after condemning these and many other things, they end up plagiarizing them, and won’t even do them correctly. ( Check the use of vestments of our priests, incense, holy water and oil etc)

Ghana is preparing feverishly for our 60th Anniversary celebration.  Is it biblical?

Padre Antonio
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